Welcome to Green Living Candles, we’re so happy you’re here! As a small business, we’re so thankful for every customer and every purchase made through our website.

In 2020, in the midst of a very difficult time, with both of us losing our jobs on the same day, we began a journey to create a healthy, non-toxic candle. Green Living Candles was born, out of our love for candles. Sustainability is extremely important to us, so we implemented a Refill Program to our customers around the world! Health and wellness along with our planet, are vital to our lives and we feel that we have created a Brand that supports both!

About Our Brand

We have always loved burning candles, however we struggled to find "non-toxic", healthier versions. We are also extremely concerned about the condition of our great planet. We began our quest to create a clean burning, healthy candle with the highest quality ingredients. We use 100% Soy wax, ECO wicks primed in vegetable wax and all of our oils are Phthalate Free, Essential Oil Infused, making our candles suitable for vegans! Our candles are free of paraffin, lead and dyes.  In an effort to promote sustainability, all of our vessels are refillable!!

High Quality

We take pride in the quality of our products and have crafted a high-end, non-toxic, beautiful product for your home or office.